I am Ashok, an ordinary, simple, Christian guy, who loves Jesus Christ. I have started blogging to really connect with other Christian bloggers as will like to hear another’s opinion on the faith they profess, and at the same time share my experiences on faith, as I walk through this journey called life. New to blogging really, but I guess, will surely learn along the way. I live in New Delhi, India. I am a catholic by birth, and a non-denomination Christian by choice.

Always try to look at the positive side of life, though many a times one would really come across pain, suffering and hurt. The world really is a place created by God for mankind to live, but vested interests tend to determine one’s right to exercise dominance and control over an individual’s right to live in society, a country and the world at large.

I like to write on Christian themes and issues as it has become so relevant in the world today where one would really focus their attention on pride and greed. I value the simple things in life because that will be the only reason where life will be sustainable in the end. In the Scriptures it says in Mathew 24:25 (KJV) “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away“.


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