It Is Time For The People To Be Vocal And Fight For Their Cause

I have been communicating on a friendship site over the past year and had written about my experiences on this blog which are breeding grounds of deception, but had to delete the two blogs, as I was victimized and threatened. I have been vocal about the Roman Catholic Church, in India and have written about its practices,customs and belief on this blog, and noticed that my e-mails accounts have been compromised, the contents read, my mobile is tapped and all incoming/outgoing calls have been scrutinized. 

Infiltration by unknown groups and deception has entered every city in India, and it is time for the people to rise against such forces that are out to ruin the peace and stability, and destabilize homes and families. 

In the news recently in New Delhi we read about how a flourishing sex, drug, extortion, prostitution racket is flourishing and the people have time and again raised their voice against such practices in their locality, and the Delhi Government had to intervene and conduct a raid on such illegal activities. The question that anyone would ask then, are the Indian people safe in their own country ? 


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