The Indian Christian

If anyone were to talk about what it is to be a Christian and living in India, it will more or less be discussed in a subdued tone, as more often than not, an Indian Christian is viewed as an individual who choses to live out a life in neglect. When I use the word neglect, I use it not in a way a Christian who believes is a follower of Christ perceives their faith, in keeping a religious view of attending regular church and therefore raises the claim to be a religious, but to those people who claim to acknowledge and believe that Jesus Christ is really their saviour and choose to walk a life in his footsteps in being a true disciple. In India, the Christian faith being a minority religion, at the same time, Christians who acknowledge their faith, really find it difficult to be understood in a world where there is constant tug-of-war among people who are demanding their right to be respected, to dominate and subdue those who choose to live a life accepting being marginalized.

If we go back to the origins of the Christian faith, and understand the real significance of what it is to be living a Christian life, many of us so called Christians, will fail the test, miserably. Then why do we still continue to acknowledge the sovereignty of Christ, and choose to identify as Christians ? Are we still in a struggle in our innate nature of pursuing a God, where in our own infallibility of accepting the divine, as our source of strength, comfort and solace.

Many professing Christians still acknowledge the fact that since they were born into being part of the Christian faith, it remains that they will need to identify with the rest of the Christian community at large. Is God really so small that we capture his divine nature into our small complex thoughts to suit our need in pursuit of being religious ? Many of us Christians in India today, have lost out in understanding the real God of love and compassion, slow in anger, rich in mercy.

Christians are at the cross-roads in urban India, trying to forge an identity with the dominant belief, and be accepted in mainstream thought, but every time, slips into disdain for being identified as a minority religion. Why have Christians not being able to penetrate the thought patterns of Indians into accepting the Christian faith as being a significant influence for the community and the nation at large ? Why do Christians choose not to acknowledge their faith in public, and stand at a distant in isolation, just because they perceive that the dominant religion will bypass their need to be accepted, heard and understood ?

The Holy Bible says and I quote from scripture Mathew 10:32 (NIV)”Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven”


2 responses to “The Indian Christian

  • cfaithlloyd

    What I have found, even the United States- a country founded on Christian morals and values, Jesus believers have become “embarrassed” to proclaim their true faith. I use “embarrass” because they refuse to use the true word “ashamed” since they know that being ashamed of Christ means Christ will be ashamed of them in front of the Father (Luke 9:26.) There has been a devastating shift: living in sin has become more acceptable than following Jesus. The best we can do as non-ashamed believers is to stand confidently in the truth and lead with authority through Christ, paving the way for more believers to become bold.
    I must say I am looking forward to reading more of what it is like to be a Christian in India!

    • indianchristianvoice

      What you say is right. Your country was founded based on the “Word” of God, and today, there is a paradigm shift away from God to lawlessness. It is very strange to observe, that people have no respect to life, Christian morals and values. In India, being a Hindu (Hinduism) nation, Christianity did not have a major role to play in the life of the people. India is a secular state, so people are free to practise any religion they want. However, in the past few years, Christians are being targeted by the dominant faith (Hinduism) for propagating the spread of the Gospel. It is expected actually in the times we live in, as religion is, and will play a major role in world politics. I do plan to write about Christianity in India.

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