Religion, Politics and You

In India, religion determines one’s status, caste and affluence in society. Religion has and will always be a dominant force to play in politics. However, religion has always been used to fool the masses, and then politics comes into play.

I have to admit that being a Christian has its drawbacks, and to speak and affirm the faith is worse, though never did attend any church service or be a part of a congregation for over a decade. Politics never did interest me, but today I am placed at the cross-roads of life, where life can be very uncertain and religion can have no meaning. I have decided to accept politics as a way of life and thought. I like the ideology of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and have decided to join them. Their mandate, “to root out corruption” is something I believe. Corruption should be rooted out of society, and it first starts in the human mind. If one has to survive and exist, religion is just an excuse used to gain dominance and power. In India, religion was used to convert the masses, who never really understood the faith. The colonial imperial powers were driven out of the country, and I admire men like Mahatma Gandhi. Indians should be proud of the freedom fighters who fought to liberate the country from the tyrannical rule.

At some point in all our lives, we do come to a question as to what is our objective. Governance has been reduced to a mockery and people are asking what is in there for us. Today we read in the newspapers about a video footage of policemen brutally beating up a man, and taking his wallet. Seems there is a new breed of extortionists rising in the country. We again read about a drug-sex nexus on a late night raid conducted by law minister. Is this what politics all about? The common-man would feel very unsafe. When people’s emails and phone calls are monitored and homes bugged without their knowledge, is this politics? It’s more like people are choosing to live in fear.

Religion and politics can never succeed without technology and here the internet comes into play. It brings millions of people into the ambit of a single screen, and communication flows in real time. Some people choose not to be on the internet and some exist just to be there. The internet can be a very hidden entity, and those who practice to live a hidden life, will find much refuge there. In some countries, there are hidden societies, that exist just to create havoc and destruction in that nation. Families, home and individuals are ruined. In India, let’s hope, that situation never does arise.